How to make happy your applicants and HR team using Smart Recruitment System

The hiring process is the most crucial part of every home care business. A smart recruitment system over a traditional one gives both applicants and the HR team a seamless experience.

As there is massive competition in the market, there are many chances to leave potential candidates. Candidates always choose home care agencies, which give them an excellent experience and good benefits. There are painful issues that you can think of to build a smart recruitment system.

Lengthy and complicated application forms

The home care recruitment system is tedious. Some home care agencies have lengthy application forms where candidates need to endless scroll to complete. Candidates should have to fill repeated data in every application form. For example, if candidates typed his last name in one form, they have to fill the same in other application forms. It becomes a very time-consuming process.

E-Hire allows you to set up your application form short and well-organized. It helps candidates to fill their data on any device.

Delayed response after applying

As per our research, the hiring manager takes one week or more than a week to respond to job applicants' candidates. It results in losing talented applicants.

Suppose your hiring team takes too long to review applications and respond to job applicants. In that case, they'll get frustrated or think about your team being disorganized or not interested in their profile.

E-Hire has a smart feature that overcomes this issue. As soon as the applicant applies for the open shift, the hiring person receives notification immediately by mail. The hiring person can review it, and he can invite the applicant for an interview or reject the applicant's profile. The E-Hire system sends emails to the applicant accordingly.

Miscommunication between the hiring manager and job applicants

While filling application forms, the hiring manager may need to contact the job applicant or vice versa. Instead of relying on emails and phone calls, the recruitment system should have automated text messaging.

E-Hire has an innovative feature that allows the hiring manager to send the messages according to the application form's selection. Applicants can understand messages and make corrections quickly.

Manual Verification Check

With traditional document verification checks, HR leaders or hiring managers might go back and forth with a reference via email to find a time that works for a call on both ends. And during this time, top talent might receive job offers from competing employers.

By integrating E-Hire, you can automate the entire document verification checks that save your team and candidates' reference time and help you speed up the hiring process. It holds 85% time.

Your hiring managers and today's job applicants have a lot on their plate, so anything that can make the hiring process smoother will be appreciated. By leveraging recruitment technology, you can avoid common issues that prolong the process and hire qualified employers sooner.

Companion ITCS's E-Hire recruitment system offers all the features outlined above and more to help you attract, hire, and onboard the top talent.