Have you ever thought about effective training for Caregivers?

Though the whole world is going through hard times, caregivers are working with their huge support, care and strength.

Being home care industry managers, we should think about our caregivers and their training. Have you thought about challenges our caregivers are facing while training? How much difficult for them to come in office to take training?

Our detailed research and analysis in the Homecare industry, we came across many issues caregivers are having. We noted them here:

  • Miscommunication between caregivers and the organization
  • Insufficient caregiver training
  • Cultural differences
  • Irresponsible caregiver behavior
  • Yearly Inservice -schedule
  • Physical barriers in attending the training
  • Process efficiency of HR and Nursing in reaching out to the large group of caregivers.

Though technology made our life easier nowadays, we thought about these issues and worked on them.

Above issues can be resolved by training caregivers properly and arranging a regular program of ongoing training and education.

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.”
- Elliot Masie

E-Hire tool engages caregivers in regular continuing education and training. The employer can ensure its caregivers share good guidelines through Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, Videos and Images. So caregivers learn how to manage a wide range of health problems and injuries while working that they may encounter.

Regular training is an essential aspect of the Homecare industry.

By using a centralized E-Hire tool, caregivers can still have access to the training materials like Videos, PDFs, live sessions and images, etc. for reference. It helps the caregivers in receiving real-time education to perform better at the workplace.

The nursing team provides efficient training during the in-service and other training sessions. E-Hire tool will help to record these valuable sessions and make it available to the entire caregiver groups.

E-Hire not only allows for training the caregivers but will enable them to take tests and record their score. So an HR can ensure caregivers' knowledge by evaluating their results.