Drive a better candidate experience with a recruitment portal - E-Hire

In today's applicant-driven economy, the candidate's experience can make or break the company's recruiting performance, and the most competitive employers can make extra efforts to keep applicants involved. But building and preserving an engaging candidate's experience can be difficult and time-consuming if you don't have the right resources in place.

One way to optimize the recruiting process while enhancing the candidate's enthusiasm for open shifts is to collaborate with your recruiting initiative's recruitment platform. Doing so can help the team develop a good relationship with the applicants and recruit the best team. Below, we discussed some of the advantages of working with the E-Hire Recruitment Platform to keep candidates involved in every recruitment process step.

Respond candidates on a single click

According to our research, because of delayed response from administrators, applicants not only lose their interest in the job, but they can also be dipped up by other job opportunities while waiting to hear from you.

By integrating E-Hire solutions, you can reduce your time to review and respond to applicants by verifying their application packet. It's effortless to send them back if you found any mistakes to correct. On confirming an applicant's application packet, your team asks to sign electronically.

Thus, you can cut down your time to review applications, and you can fill the positions much faster. It helps you boost productivity and profitability at your organization.

Make interviews more effective

Interviews provide insight into candidates' personalities, talents, and motives who want to work for your company. If you run an effective, insightful interview, you can also get applicants even more excited about joining your team.

The E-Hire will make your interview process simpler with integrated interview notes. Industry-specific and role-specific guides contain questions designed to determine unique consistency and integrated scoring skills, allowing the team to identify eligible applicants more quickly.

Automate Reference and Compliance Check

Candidate screening is essential to the recruiting process because the company requires responsible and effective team members. In some instances, however, reference and background checks can be missed to speed up the recruiting process.

Using the E-Hire Tool, you can automate reference and background checks to save your team time and make the process easier for applicants and their references. E-Hire helps you select the required background checks with expiration dates. It results in a timely and reliable turnaround of the applicant's screening results, prevents mistakes, and guarantees that any new contract can be thoroughly checked before you extend the offer.

Schedule as per patient’s need

In home care, there is always a need for caregivers' availability as per the case. E-Hire helps you to schedule caregivers, as per the case's requirement, discipline, and availability.

E-Hire gives you wide selections to filter the caregivers and candidates. With a single click, you can schedule caregivers for your case.

These are just a few of the many significant steps your administrative team should take to keep candidates engaged and hire effectively. For more tips ony you should read our article how to bring the best onboarding experience for your caregivers.