Caregivers Retention - Is it a big deal?

Caregivers turnover is a challenging part of any home care business's operations. It should not be a purely negative outcome. Turnover is an opportunity for a home care business owner to ensure that they have the right caregivers in the right positions. As the home care market is expanding, the demand for caregivers is reaching a peak. So, caregivers' retention became a top priority for every home care business as they compete to gain and retain top talent.

As a service organization, your caregivers represent you to your clients and their families to make sure that they make a positive impact and a lasting impression that leaves families knowing that their loved ones are in good hands. Once you have caregivers in the right positions, the focus should move from caregivers' turnover to caregivers' retention.

Agencies can achieve using these tips:

Better Recruitment and Onboarding Processes

Communication between the hiring manager and job applicants while recruitment is essential. So, establishing a perfect platform for recruitment and hiring is the most important where hiring managers can interact with job applicants by sending them messages, emails. E-Hire not only gives agencies a smart platform for recruitment but allows them to communicate with caregivers effectively.

Online training sessions

It is essential to keep your caregivers updated with the latest training materials. But due to a challenging schedule, they are not able to take the training. E-Hire provides an online training platform for caregivers. E-Hire helps agencies create branding training materials and make them available for caregivers. So they can take the training anytime, anywhere, and on any devices.

Time to take care of caregivers

Be flexible with your current caregivers and with caregivers that are new to your organization. Offer options to work modified schedules better to suit their needs (as well as yours). E-Hire gives flexible and broad filters to schedule caregivers for your patients.

Agencies need to determine how much turnover is acceptable and manage the business to that performance metric. It's important to understand that you can't drive (or improve) what you don't measure because you have no baseline to start from. We live in a data-driven society, and the ability to make sound business decisions depends on the quality and availability of that data.

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