4 keys to building a successful tracking of quality job applicants

In pandemics, caregivers in-home care companies have tremendous requirements. Home care agencies need to revamp the strategy of developing a quality candidate pipeline and ensuring that caregivers working with you are efficient. Below, we've got some ideas to get started together.

Employment Branding

As there is a massive demand for caregivers for different home care services, agencies need to create their brand. It is the key to attracting potential candidates. Your branding helps to attract new patients to your agency as well.

Your website's career page helps in building employment branding. The career page should include open job shifts with proper job descriptions, offerings, benefits, company culture, and awards. Job shifts should be shared on social media pages so that candidates can apply to them.

E-Hire has a beautiful feature of building a career page and brings quality traffic towards it. E-Hire integrates your online application packet with each open shift. It is straightforward for candidates to fill. Administrators can track the candidate's application as soon as he/she gets a notification.

Social Media Marketing

In pandemics, social media marketing is beneficial for branding and awareness of the services. Paid advertising and regular recruitment posting help you to get more potential candidates for your agencies.

E-Hire gives this opportunity to share your job shifts from your career page to social media. It helps you to reach more people and get potential candidates in a particular location.

Automate your hiring efforts

You can avoid spending much of your budget on costly advertising or job board postings. Building a powerful hiring strategy always automates your effort.

As there is a continuous hiring process of caregivers in home care agencies, E-Hire is the most efficient solution to automate and streamline your hiring process in less budget.

Administrators can send application packets to the candidates. Candidates can fill, sign the application, and send back to administrators. Compliance tracking, state government forms, and company documents can easily be tracked and maintained in a secured and encrypted PDF document.

Boost training process

In home care, training is vital for each caregiver. As caregivers are busy with their daily schedule of giving services to patients, it is necessary to save their time in training.

E-Hire offers online training for caregivers so they can take training anytime, anywhere and on any devices. Administrators build the training courses and make them available for their caregivers. It’s so easy to boost caregivers’ training process.

Your recruitment marketing strategy is more critical than ever, considering the job environment and growing demand for home care. By implementing E-Hire, you will be more strategic in your recruiting activities, attract more quality applicants, and better control the time of your employees.